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The Render Network will be featured at GTC24 in a presentation ‘The Future of Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI, Holographic Displays, and the Blockchain

On March 18th, NVIDIA’s GTC 2024 kicks off the largest AI and GPU computing event of the year. It is a must-attend event for those at the bleeding edge of AI and 3D graphics technology, and comes after a year of rapid acceleration in the development of generative AI — from the recent release of new diffusion models like Sora by OpenAI to the rise of DePIN and decentralized AI networks.

Since last year’s GTC, NVIDIA has introduced a number of groundbreaking developments in the field of AI, launching their latest high performance GPU line HGX H200, releasing new open access LLM’s, and brining Tensor Core AI acceleration to the popular RTX line of GPUs for laptops and PCs. At this year’s GTC, NVIDIA is set to follow up with its Blackwell HPC chip architecture, the successor to the Hopper H200 GPU accelerators — with the B100 and GB 200 updating H200 and GH200 AI Accelerated GPUs. NVIDIA will also showcase the future of immersive media and spatial computing at GTC— led by Omniverse keynotes focused on the interconnections between the emerging open 3D standard OpenUSD and generative AI.

Render Network at GTC24 — Past and Future Converge

This year, Render Network Founder Jules Urbach will be giving his first live talk at GTC24 since before the COVID-19 pandemic — continuing a tradition of previewing of emerging GPU technologies every year at GTC since 2010.

This year’s presentation promises to build on an iconic 2013 keynote presentation with NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang where Jules unveiled the first cloud GPU rendering pipeline. In the 2013 presentation, which set the path for a decade of cloud GPU graphics innovation, Jules described the potential of GPU raytracing architectures to provide 40–100x speed increases over CPU rendering, and unveiled a live demo of the first GPU cloud rendering instances. The keynote showcased the future of distributed GPU computing that the Render Network has been advancing.

Jules Urbach unveils GPU Cloud Rendering Technology in live demo with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

​​I’ve looked at the rendering problem for the better part of a decade. I started off by trying to get the first GPUs with compute capability to do raytracing. We started to see the light where we could take GPUs and render at exactly the same quality as what you can get on a CPU, but it can be 40x-100x faster on one GPU.

What we know is that GPUs also scale very well. Unlike a CPU where you have to have huge farms to get hundreds of CPUs together, we can actually just build one rack and put 160 GPUs and have more rendering power than has ever been put in one view frame ever. And with the cloud and with streaming we can deliver that anywhere in the world. That’s the goal that we’ve been working towards…you can access unlimited rendering power.

-Jules Urbach, GTC 2013 with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Jules presents The Future of Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI, Holographic Displays, and the Blockchain

In this year’s talk, The Future of Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI, Holographic Displays, and the Blockchain— [S62088], Jules will unveil an updated vision for the future of generative AI, spatial media and decentralized GPU computing technologies. The talk explores how underlying GPU technologies can reshape various fields including gaming, visual effects, media, design, in the 2020’s and beyond. A key focus will be on the convergence of decentralized computing, generative AI, and the holographic technology recently previewed in The Archive — an immersive spatial experience for Apple Vision Pro produced on the Render Network.

As Jules has shared with the Render Network community, it promises to be a milestone talk just like his presentation over a decade ago.

I think it will be one of my most relevant GTC talks, and a reflection of the next paradigm shift we are entering for distributed GPU systems, on par with the first one back in 2013 — when I took the stage with Jensen to announce Render’s centralized precursor (ORC) and then launched with AWS”

— Jules Urbach

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