RNP-013 and RNP-015 Final Vote Details + RNP-000 Amendment

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2 min readMay 22, 2024
RNP-013 & RNP-015 Final Votes are Live! (Art by Bobby Stafford — read our latest Artist Spotlight with Bobby)

Today, two Render Network Proposals (RNPs) are being submitted for final community vote and amendments to RNP-000 are being submitted for initial community discussion, as outlined below:

Amendments to RNP-000

  • The amendment — see more here — provides additional information about Render Network Grants, lowers the amount of votes required to meet quorum to 15%, removes “Render Network Team Review” phase to empower the community and reduce centralized decision making.
  • Simplifies and streamlines the RNP structure by consolidating sections and removing redundant information, as well as clarifies the distinction between RNPs and Render Foundation Grants — providing guidance on when to pursue each avenue.
  • Finally, the amendment adds RENDER SPL voting on Nation to RNP documentation, provides some typographical and other clerical fixes to RNP-000, and offers a mechanism for the making of these routine clerical amendments to RNPs going forward.

RNP-013: Year 1 Emissions Rebalancing

  • The RNP proposes a reorganization of Render Network year-1 node emissions, with the goal of creating a new long-term emissions pool for Data Generation rewards, which are proposed in RNP-011: PIWA Creating Millions of 3D Training Assets.
  • The emissions rebalancing also provides an allocation for Render Network Node Availability Rewards, as an addition to Node Emissions outlined in RNP-001.

RNP-015: Availability Rewards

  • The RNP outlines a reward mechanism given to nodes for being active on the network that are separate from emissions provided for processing compute work. The aim of the Availability Rewards are to resolve key challenges in generating consistent supply for the scaling of multi-sided, decentralized compute networks.
  • The Availability rewards were initially passed in RNP-001 and include models to show the impact to Node Operator earnings, which are based on past network activity. In general, the changes increase earnings for smaller providers, thus more evenly distributing RENDER rewards across active network participants.

Final Voting Details for RNP-013 and RNP-015

Voting links for SPL RENDER token holders and ERC-20 RNDR token holders can be found below.

RNP-013: Year 1 Emissions Rebalancing

  • SPL RENDER NATION Voting — here
  • ERC-20 RNDR Snapshot Voting — here

RNP-015: Node Availability Rewards

  • SPL RENDER NATION Voting — here
  • ERC-20 RNDR Snapshot Voting — here

Contact support@renderfoundation.com with any voting issues and please view the Render Network Helpdesk for more resources: https://renderfoundation.com/support

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