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2 min readMar 22, 2024
Render, Stability AI, OTOY, and Endeavor join forces to develop next gen AI models, IP rights systems, and open standards powered by decentralized GPU computing

OTOY, Stability AI, Endeavor, and the Render Network are thrilled to announce a partnership between the industry leaders in open source generative AI models, media and entertainment, and GPU computing to develop and standardize IP rights, production workflows, and infrastructure around emerging AI technologies.

The partnership leverages Render’s decentralized GPU network, massively scaling AI training and inference power at cost to help democratize open-source, transparent, generative AI technology and provenance systems that will soon impact 3D, VFX and Media production workflows.

OTOY and Stability AI will work together to optimize Stability AI’s models to run on the Render Network’s peer-to-peer pool of consumer GPUs, with the ability to feed results back into over 26+ widely used mainstream 3D software tools supported on the network. Native integration of Stability AI models on the Render Network provides a seamless integration of large AI models and 3D content workflows, access to web APIs for third party applications, and the ability to scale to a waitlist of over a million consumer GPUs for building next generation media models.

Announced alongside the partnership, Stability AI Founder and CEO Emad Mostaque will join Ariel Emanuel and Beeple on the Render Network Advisory Board to standardize, develop, and deploy new generative AI workflows and provenance systems on Render.

Complete details about the partnership between Stability AI, OTOY, Endeavor, and The Render Network can be viewed here.

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