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3 min readMar 18, 2024


Orca hosted a Space on the future of DePIN with the Render Network and Helium

This week the Render Network’s Trevor Harries-Jones joined COO of Helium, Scott Sigel, in a space hosted by leading digital asset platform Orca to discuss the growth and future of DePIN on Solana.

The Space titled ‘DePIN Pioneers’ explored Helium and the Render Network’s journey from early concepts to scaling global decentralized user bases on Solana. The full recording can be listened to here.

Trevor began by introducing the genesis of the Render Network, which started in the 2010’s after facing GPU cloud compute shortages from centralized providers when rendering large-scale immersive works.

“The project was really founded from a problem that the founding team experienced in striving to find fast and affordable rendering.

And the real problem crystallized when we were working with one of our investors, Madison Square Gardens, trying to help them prepare something for one of their big screens. And we did the calculations, it turned out that to render the production they wanted, it was going to take all of the West Coast compute on Amazon for about six months and greatly exceed the project timeline — so we really got to a point of just not being able to scale it to meet our customer needs”

Jules in fact patented a similar product for tokenized cloud GPU compute a decade earlier and that model really became the origin of the Render Network.”

The conversation transitioned from initial use cases of the network in immersive rendering to evolving into spatial computing and AI, as they are emerging and transforming the media and information landscape.

“I’m really excited to see what people create as the world starts transitioning towards 3D. Be it, innovative Vision Pro experiences or spatial computing experiences, things like the Sphere and large-scale displays. I think it’s only going to grow as we look out towards the next year.

On the decentralized AI front, there’s so much innovation happening. Some of our compute clients and partners we work with are releasing some amazing papers, and it’s only accelerating day to day. I think there is no other possibility than having to leverage decentralized compute for AI, and I’m really excited at that opportunity as it unfolds next year.

Finally, Trevor previewed the Render Network’s upcoming talk at GTC2024 where more details on the network’s roadmap in AI and spatial computing will be presented by Render Network Founder, Jules Urbach.

I’m quite excited to hear what Jules has to say on Wednesday at NVIDIA’s GTC conference. As he gives us the vision for OTOY’s roadmap as a key participant, and I’m expecting a lot of exciting talk around really the emerging of AI and rendering, and where he sees it going and where they will be developing towards.

Please sign up to hear Jules discuss these technologies in depth during his GTC2024 talk The Future of Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing, AI, Holographic Displays, and the Blockchain — [S62088] and read last week’s Behind-the-Network for a preview of what’s coming this year in the world’s leading AI and GPU computing conference.

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